IntelliAddress Professional 2.9

Powerful plug-in for the Outlook address book


  • Automatically extract data from emails
  • Creates a highly detailed address book
  • Also includes templates for faxes, letters, etc.


  • It can be slow if scanning too many folders


Remember all those countless hours you spent on filling in fully detailed entries for business contacts in Microsoft Outlook address book? IntelliAddress can lend you a hand with that time-consuming chore.

IntelliAddress is an Outlook plug-in that scans whatever email folder you select and extracts all the necessary data to create perfectly detailed entries for each and every person who has sent you an email.

The plug-in gathers names, telephone numbers, companies and positions, among other elements, and builds a perfect address book that you can seamlessly merge with the contacts you already had before. Depending on how many folders you tell the program to scan, this process can take a while.

But IntelliAddress is not only useful to create neatly organized Outlook address books; you can also use it to create faxes, letters and other professional templates in Word with that data, saving you time - and loads of typing.

IntelliAddress is a handy plug-in for Outlook that helps you create a detailed and well organized address book with a mimimum effort.



IntelliAddress Professional 2.9

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